Fidelma 1, Absolution by murder
(English version)

Softcover (English version)
Article code: 9789086060436
Text: Tremayne & Muñoz
Drawings: Vila & Ferrer


In A.D. 664, King Oswy of Northumbria has convened a synod to hear debate between the Roman and Celtic Christian churches and decide which shall be granted primacy in his kingdom. At stake is much more than a few disputed points of ritual; Oswy's decision could affect the survival of either church in the Saxon kingdoms. When Abbess Étain, a leading speaker for the Celtic Church, is found murdered, suspicion inevitably rests on the Roman faction. Attending the Synod is Fidelma, of the community of St Brigid of Kildare. Sister Fidelma, an advocate of the Brehon Court, is called upon to investigate the murder. But, because of the acute political tension of the situation, a member of the Roman faction must work with her. Brother Eadulf, a Saxon, is of a family of hereditary magistrates, so he too is eminently qualified for the task. As further murders occur and a treasonous plot against Oswy matures, Fidelma and Eadulf soon find themselves running out of time.
Already available: 1. Absolution by murder

In preparation: 2. Shroud for the Archbishop

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